Each March we will be taking applications for positions in the Y Chem Presidency.

In order to be an officer you must be in good academic standing with BYU and, if elected, you must agree to the following conditions:

1 – Attend scheduled officer meetings and member meetings.

2 – Respect the guidance of the Club Faculty Advisor.

3 – Agree to work well with the other officers and help support them in their positions.

4 – Always carry out given responsibilities as best as possible.

5 – Work with all members of the department to maintain a successful club.


Being a Y Chem officer is a great opportunity to help out the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. It’s a great way to boost your resumé and help the community get excited about chemistry. Many wonder about the time commitment of an officer: most weeks you will only need to devote about one hour to Y Chem to accomplish everything for the club. However, during National Chemistry week and other weeks with large club events, many more hours are needed – typically between 5 and 10, depending on the officer. The President and Vice President give much more time throughout the year than other officers, but with the help of everyone their time commitment is very manageable.

The deadline for this next year’s applications will be announced at least two weeks in advance. Submissions are first reviewed by the current Y Chem Adviser and Y Chem President, who select 2-3 of the best candidates for each position; the club membership will then vote on the new presidency based on these options at the End of Year Social. The new President will be chosen by the Department Chair, with suggestions from the Y Chem President and Y Chem Advisor.


Below are explanations of each officer’s roles. Good luck with your application!


  • Holds regular meetings with the Y Chem Presidency. Ensures that the meetings are organized and have a clear agenda.
  • Helps the Y Chem club meet all BYUSA requirements throughout the year.
  • Works closely with the department staff and faculty.
  • Main organizer of National Chemistry Week in October, and ACS Spring Conference.
  • Works with Vice President and other officers to plan other events for the Y Chem club.
  • Works with the Secretary to fill out the ACS sheet at the end of the year.
  • Previous Y Chem Presidency Experience Preferred

Vice President:

  • Main organizer of club events such as “Meet the Professor Nights”, Career Nights, etc.
  • Supports President, and other officers to ensure that all events are planned and organized.
  • Works with the Secretary to fill our the ACS sheet at the end of the year.


  • In charge of filling out the ACS sheet at the end of the year.
  • Maintains the Member Roster.
  • Takes meeting notes for all Presidency Meetings.
  • Takes attendance at all Y Chem Meetings.


  • Manages all the finances of the Y Chem club.
  • Works closely with Wayne Anderson and those in the Business officer to monitor finances.

Magic Show Head Wizard: 

  • Runs Magic Show Request form and email. Coordinates Magic Show logistics such as room, and presenter.
  • Must have completed CHEM 201.
  • Coordinates with Lecture Prep Representative to train members for Magic Shows.

Lecture Prep Representative: 

  • Should work in the Lecture Prep area of the BNSN.
  • Holds a Magic Show Training course twice a year for Y Chem Members.
  • Coordinates with Magic Show performers to get demos ready.

Community Outreach: 

  • Organizes all events that involve the community such as Open Lab Day, STEM Fair for kids, and science fair judging.
  • Helps advertise Y Chem events to the community through newspaper and emails.


  • Coordinates with all officers to effectively advertise all events.
  • Regularly updates the Y Chem display case in the BNSN.
  • Interest or experience with Design/Advertising preferred. 
  • Designs and creates flyers and advertisements for TV Screens.  (Can work with Chemistry Design Staff) 
  • Coordinates with officers and members to get flyers and advertisements posted around campus.


  • Keeps the Y Chem Webpage up to date. (WordPress Website) 
  • Manages the Y Chem Email.
  • Interest or experience with webpage design preferred. 


  • Manages Y Chem Intramural teams throughout the year. For sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and others that the members would like to participate in.
  • Makes teams made of faculty members and Y Chem members.


Feel free to email us at byuychem@gmail.com with any questions!