Magic Shows are a way that our club is able to share our love of Chemistry with the community. During magic shows, qualified students, go to Schools, Neighborhoods, and other public places to perform Chemistry Experiments. Our shows last anywhere from 30 min to 1 hr. These shows are free. It gives us an opportunity to share our interests and “magic” through service.


Anyone is allowed to request a Magic Show. To do so, either use this link here, or under the Magic Shows menu, select Schedule a Magic Show.  You will then receive a confirmation email once we have seen your request and have added it to our schedule. Because we are college students, and our schedules can be very busy, expect the confirmation email to come within a week of your sent in request. Please try to schedule shows at least 2 weeks before your requested date. In our request form we ask for your first priority date, and then a second. Due to college tests, events, and maybe even a high request for Magic Shows, your priority date may not be met.

Each magic show includes several different types of “Chemistry Magic”. Here is a list of possible experiments that could be included in your show;


– Elephant toothpaste

– Flame tests

– Slime

– Liquid Nitrogen Magic

-Color-Changing Indicators

– Color Clock Reactions

– Explosions

– Flaming Tornado

– and many many others!


If you have any questions about our Magic Shows, please contact us through

If you are trying to schedule a magic show please use this link here.

Schedule a Magic Show

We hope to see you at one of our Magic Shows soon!