Open Lab Day is one of our community outreach events. Each May we hold chemistry camps for High School, Jr High, and Elementary students in the Utah Valley Area. The students that register, and attend Open Lab Day are able to do several experiments hands-on with the help of several Y Chem members.

Parents of students are also allowed to attend. We ask that parents of children grades 1-6 please attend with their child.


Open Lab Day for 2018 will be Saturday, May 12th from 9:30 – 11:30 (Registration open at 9).


Each of the experiments we do is completely safe and is monitored by several Y Chem Members. Students will be given a worksheet packet that includes their schedule and questions which accompany the experiments.


All activities will take place in the Benson Building on the south end of campus.


We encourage all students who wish to attend to register and take special notice of the safety agreement. Students who come dressed inappropriately, or who choose not to follow safety instructions will be asked to leave.


If you’re a chemistry instructor and would like notifications of upcoming Open Lab Days, please give us your contact information here.