Y Chem members, and anyone who would like to learn how to perform Magic Shows, just need to follow these few steps to become a trained “Magic Show Presenter”.


First – You will need to be trained about the experiments done in a magic show. This training is usually 1 hour long, and are given periodically throughout the year. If you are a Y Chem Member, then look for an email about Magic Show Training. For those that are not members, but still interested in being trained, look for our advertisements posted around the Benson.

You can also contact ychemdemos@byu.edu if you are unable to attend a training, or aren’t sure of when they are.

Here is the Certification Packet, which you will fill out at the training:

Y-Chem Magic Show Certification Packet

Second РYou will need to talk with Dr. Michaelis Рthe Y Chem Adviser Рabout having completed step one. He will then give you a safety test. Upon passing said test, you will be qualified to help present a magic show.

Third Р Before being able to present your own show, you will be asked to do a show with another student who is qualified to give Magic Shows. This is to you can see another student giving a show and be mentored in the magic show experiments. Once you have completed this step, you are qualified to be a Lead Presenter for Magic Shows.


Once qualified, your name will be added to a list, from which we will contact you when Magic Show requests are received.