Y Chem is involved in several events throughout the year. Our goal is to help members, fellow students, and our community grow in their understanding of chemistry and learn to love the science of the world around them. We also aim to help enable our students in their studies by helping them with finding research , providing ways to give service to the community, involving them in several fun and inspiring club activities, and giving them ways to do what they love in a non-classroom setting.

Here is a list of the many activities we are involved in annually;

National Chemistry  Week in October – During this week we sell Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream to students during class breaks, and we help with nightly magic shows. This is one of our busiest times of the year.

Nerd Dance – During fall semester we host a dance all focused around being nerdy. This dance includes both students and professors, which creates an interesting dynamic as each group aims to see who is actually more nerdy.

ACS Spring Conference – We try to go to this event each year, however, some years due to distance we are unable to attend. When the conference is close enough we are able to help students go and present the research they have been doing during the school year. It also gives our club members a way to see what other students around the nation are researching as well.

– Science Fair Judging– As Y Chem members, we are asked to go to the local schools and be judges for their science fairs. Now, instead of being the student showing off their project, we get to be on the other side as a judge. It’s a lot of fun interacting with the students who are so excited about their projects. This is a fun way we serve in our community.

– Open Lab Day– In May each year, we invite students from the local elementary, Jr. High, and High School’s to come to BYU and participate in a chemistry camp. For three hours on a Saturday these students get to work with Y Chem Members in several fun experiments. From Hydrogen Bottle Rockets to Synthesizing Esters, our members help these younger students to see what chemistry is hands on. This is one of our biggest community outreach activities during the year, and it is also the most fun.


Other events we host include;

– Meet Your Professor nights where Chemistry professors come to meet students on a more personal level. This gives students the opportunity to meet professors before taking a class from them. It also helps them to see how awesome our Chemistry Professors are.

– Graduate School Preparation Night – During this event we try to explain ways to be prepared for graduate school or for other future goals.

We are also asked throughout the year to help the Department in the events that they host. These include Undergraduate Research Nights, helping with the Major Fair, and other similar events.


If you have any other questions about what we do as a club, you can contact us through the information listed under the Contact Us menu.